Kaya Mar in his back garden surrounded by his paintings of the Royal Family: ‘Everybody likes the Royal Family. I don’t mind them… the people want Saints, and the Royal Family are the modern Saints’.

Kaya Mar – the painter and caricaturist from London paints political pictures to voice his anger about politics and politicians.
I’m an angry old man’, he says about himself. ‘It has become the sole purpose in my life to fight… to fight with satire. Satire is the biggest weapon.’ He carries his pictures to protests around the world and many of them have been published in the international press.

Kaya Mar has great respect for Angela Merkel: ‘I hope that she will stay in power. She keeps Germany and the whole of Europe together’, he says. ‘She’s power hungry, but not for herself but for the people’. Kaya Mar is sure: ‘Her decision to take in the refugees was the right one’.
Kaya Mar – Artist and Caricaturist with a collection of his paintings in his back garden in Ealing, West London.


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