In Germany, we seem to develop a habit of complaining. No Angela Merkel, no lying press, definitely no more refugees, no dictation and no unfairness. Everybody knows so well what he or she doesn’t want.
What seems to be so much harder to define is, what we do want. In order to find out, I asked supporters of the right wing party AfD what it is they want. Terms such as “Freedom”, “Safety”, “Democracy” as well as “A safe future for our children” were mentioned a lot.
Those wishes are exactly the same, the refugees who are seeking shelter in Germany are citing, when asked about their reasons for coming here.
If we all want the same, it surely should be possible to achieve those goals. After all, none of the things mentioned were of the kind, that becomes less, if we all have them. On the contrary. The only condition is, that we all pull together. For a good and safe future. For everyone. In Germany.

Solo Exhibitions:

2017 – Galerie im Altbau, Aldingen, D
2018 – Forum der Kirchen, Messe Stuttgart, D
2018 – Feriendorf Eckenhof, Schramberg-Sulgen, D
2018 – Markthalle am Flößerwasen, Horb am Neckar, D
2018 – Bücherei Backnang, D

Poster Campaign:

Ten images have been chosen for a poster campaign, supported by the katholische Erwachsenenbildung Ludwingsburg (catholic adult education) to be shown in various public locations all over the South of Germany.


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