On most days we keep our dreams and fantasies on the inside.
Cosplay allows them to be worn on the outside, making visible what is normally hidden.

Comic Conventions have grown enormously over the last decade, and are attended by people from all walks of life.
Nearly 100.000 people attended the London Comic Con in May – and that was just one such convention out of many that happen around the year. They are no longer niche gatherings for geeks – they are a chance to dress up and play and be who you want to be… at least for one day.

Vicky aka Zelda: “She’s a badass woman leading her troops into battle.”
Louise aka Widowmaker: “Gives me confidence. Love the character.”
Georgina aka Keyleth: “I relate to the character’s personality a lot. I see myself in how she acts and handles situations.”
Lucas aka Mollymauk: “I’m a massive fan of the show Critical Role. He’s a bit more ‘out there'”
Madison aka Mina Ashido: “I like her power and she’s funny.”
Kay aka Sindragosa: “I like dragons. :)”
Skye aka Diva: “She’s my favourite character from a game I love. I like her personality and how cute she is”
Tyler aka Harley Quinn: “I love how confident and self assured the character became after the Joker died and she broke out of the abusive relationship.It’s something I can relate to.”
Gaetano aka Joker: “I love the Joker. He is crazy!”
Meredith aka Wonder Woman: “Wonder Woman is the epitome of what every inner woman should be: Strong, beautiful, independent. She’s the best female superhero by far.”
Laura aka Exiled Morgana: “She is a kick-ass lady and I want to be a bit more like her.”
Carisse aka Gamora: “I love the Guardians”
Rebekah aka Queen of Hearts: “She’s powerful, beautiful and strong”
Rowan aka Kiibo  “He’s my favourite character from the game and I wanted to challenge myself making it.”
Robin aka The Soldier (Team Fortress): “I think he’s the goofiest and funniest video game character ever! I just love him.”

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