For Europe!
Yellow stars on a blue background. Bea is holding a little EU flag in her left hand. In her other hand she’s holding a handwritten sign. “Never gonna give EU up” is written on it. This message means so much to the twelve year old girl from London that she even came out to protest on her birthday. Beside Bea, her mum and her sister, another 100.000 people have come out today. They are protesting against Brexit. Two years ago, the majority of people in Great Britain has voted for their country to leave the European Union. In the European Union are currently 28 member states and being a union makes it easier for them to trade, to travel freely and to live and work in another country. But Great Britain wants to be free and young people, like Bea, will have to live with the consequences. “The economy will suffer and maybe we won’t be able to go on holiday as easily”, Bea worries. That it doesn’t come to this, Bea will continue to speak her mind and fight for a united Europe.

Geolino August 2018


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