Gerhard R. used to work in a bank. When he retired, he decided to do something completely different and so he now spends his days working in the forest, cutting down trees, looking after his horses and keeping other people’s gardens in shape.

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Berliner Weg or Berlinerweg – since my childhood the only thing that has changed here is the spelling – at least on one of the street signs at the bottom of the road… everything else stayed the same – certainly at the first glance. One thing, however, is obvious. This road has nothing in common with Berlin, Germany’s capital, which is why, as a child I used to believe that it was named after the pastry with the same name.
In this road, I don’t just recognise old and familiar details, such as the cracks, some of which have been here already when I was a child, and the faces which I have known all my life… there are also ever new surprises and encounters which are worth to be discovered.
And so is a road – no matter how many years one has been away – always a piece of home.


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