Henry is 11 years old and lives in Dunstable – that is exactly 247 miles away from Appleby, where the annual horse fair takes place. Gypsies and Travellers come from all over the country, and Henry, his dad, his uncles and cousins have come as well. And they brought Henry’s horse Peaches. “Her full name is Peaches Penelope Price”, Henry points out. She’s Henry’s best friend and it seems that both are enjoying their time at Appleby.


One of the highlights at Appleby Horse Fair is to ride the horses through the Eden river. Only very good riders can manage to stay on – and Henry is a very good rider. He loves riding through the water again and again and to have the crowd from the bridge cheer him on.

Henry loves the many different horses at Appleby and he’s already looking forward to coming back again next year.



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